Fish Tank Maintenance Tips For Beginners

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Fish living in aquarium could be very challenging to care about. However, following few simple steps can get your fish tank doing good, making fish to run its life smoothly. Freshwater aquariums available in local stores are of inexpensive to set up as well as to maintain, and in these stores, you could even find wide array of fish available that you can dump in to your new fish tank. Setting up a beautiful small ecosystem of plants and animals in the home would be an awesome feeling. Most of the people plan to have fish tanks know their house, but unfortunately for many of them it can also be a complicated road to maintain them. Knowing which fish to purchase, what basic steps to perform to maintain them and how often and how much to feed them are all the details that are very important for keeping your fish healthy and alive. Mainly for beginners it can be more frustrating. Though there is plenty or information available online about fish caring, it can still be contradictory and confusing. Have you also ever wondered about how would a beginner supposed to know where to start it? Well, here are the main steps to follow to enhance your chances of being a successful fish keeper. This steps help you to have a healthy and happy fish in an awesome looking aquarium.


Cycle the Aquarium Before You Add the Fish

Have you never heard the word “cycling the tank”? If so, then don’t be too late to know about it. It is nothing but keeping water conditions up to the level that is healthy for the fish in aquarium. Cycling the tank is the main thing that have to be done every time before you add the fish to aquarium. So it indirectly indicates to not to but the fish and aquarium on the same day. Purchase the aquarium first and concentrate on cycling that includes healthy microorganisms growth within the aquarium. This would break down the waste and will help your fish to be healthy. Most fish keeper experts suggest to let the tank run for at least 7 days before adding fish in to it. You can purchase these cycling elements separately in local stores and can start the new aquarium in perfect way. Cycling of fish tank can also be done by simply adding fish food in it that will break down and start the process. But always keep in mind to not to cycle the aquarium that consists fish already in it as it is very unhealthy to the fish and it could even make the fish to become unhealthy and die.

Monitor All the Water Parameters

To know when the water is safe for fish, it is best to buy one inexpensive water testing kit and then to test and monitor the nitrites, nitrates levels of water along with the pH level of your water. These are fine in low levels, but if they are left unchecked then they could build up in to unhealthy amounts and can me your fish ill.

Perform Regular Water Changes

Frequent water changing is the main thing to be done to make the fish live healthy for many days. Even if you find Water parameters to be on high level, then instead of buying over-the-counter products, it’s best change the water. Replacing the aquarium every week with fresh water can dilutes the chemicals in it and helps to keep your fish healthy.

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